Our Charges

The fees listed are a guideline only. They are the doctor fees usually charged for our standard, 15 minute consultations. Please advise us if you require a longer appointment - an additional fee applies. There may also be extra charges for materials used or additional services.

GP Consultations at Rathgar Medical & Surgical Centre:


18 yrs & Over

Enrolled and Funded*


Non Funded, with Community Service Card


Non Funded, without Community Service Card


ACC Surcharge




Non Funded/casual


Maternity Consult

(up to 12 weeks,3 visits)

No Charge

Young Adult

14 yrs to 17 yrs

Enrolled and Funded


Not Enrolled




6 - 12 years

Enrolled and Funded*


Non Funded/casual


ACC Surcharge

Enrolled and Funded*


Non Funded/Casual


Under 6 years

Enrolled and Funded*


Non Funded/Casual


ACC Surcharge

Enrolled and Funded*


Non Funded/Casual


Non Residents - All ages



** Extra $10 apply to the weekend Visit.

Nurse Consultations

Fees for procedures carried out by nurses vary from $10 to $15, depending on the service provided.

Other Charges

Repeat prescription





Minor Surgey

On Consultation



New born to <6 year



6 yr to 10yr


11 years to adult



Including preconsultation


Flap Surgery

On Consultation

Extra Charges:

Prolonged and / or multiple problems consultation, dressings, materials used etc.


*Enrolment and Government Subsidies Fee reductions apply only once funding is confirmed by the Ministry of Health, which may take several months from the time you enrol with us. Enrolment is where you choose to make us your regular doctor. We arrange for your medical notes to be transferred from your previous doctor, along with the local health authority (PHO) funding. This means you can then get the subsidized consultation fees. Not everyone is eligible for enrolment. The Ministry of Health website has a guide to eligibility criteria (www.health.govt.nz/eligibility). The eligibility of non-New Zealand residents for publicly funded health care depends on their work visa status